May 8, 2010

What an honor, privilege and a blessing for you to have come to Huntsville. Your quilts are absolutely exquisite! We all appreciated you coming and sharing so much of yourself, your time, energy and your passion of quilting with us. Your Saturday class was so enjoyable!!! You truly have many gifts and among them a huge supply of patience!!! You were so good to answer any question we had with such kindness and encouragement. You hold in your hands a wealth of information. You did us a great service in providing us instruction using the overhead projector. That was such a smart thing to do so that we could all see and understand what you were doing. Having you walk around to each of us on an individual basis checking our work and encouraging us was very reassuring. Your tender spirit and kindness touched my heart. Thank you for coming to share and teach us the wonderful gifts you have been blessed with. I truly look forward to learning how to hand quilt from you someday soon!!


September 19, 2009

I just thought you might like to see my finished product from your class at the WI Quilt Expo. It wasn't rolled into a ball and thrown into a corner to finish at a later date - I finished it this week and then made it into a simple pillow. My three year old said, “Oh my, mommy, thats nice!” Ah, from the mouths of babes... Thanks so much for your workshop. I can't believe the difference in my stitches between a size 9 or 10 needle (which I had been using) and a size 12. I'm very pleased.

Thanks again,

Anne Beyer