Typical of the freelance flowers Betty uses in her quilts. The graceful flow fits in well with her style of appliqué.

Welcome to Betty’s intriguing world as a professional quilter, teacher and lecturer.

Betty is famous for her hand method of needle turn appliqué. She says it gives her freedom to be the artist with her needle as her paintbrush. Needle turn appliqué is done by using the needle to turn the edge of the fabric under as she stitches. Betty prefers Piecemakers (TM) size 12 appliqué needles, and she sews 16 stitches per inch. These tiny stitches ensure the best results.

Explore the pages of Betty's website to see the meticulous detail in her traditional quilts. Her quilts glow with her hand dyed fabrics and color balance. Her hand quilting adds depth and beauty to her original appliqué designs.